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What is the Rental Assistance Program?
Established in 2011, Kehilla Residential Programme’s Rental Assistance Program bridges the gap between market rental rates and what a person in need can afford. Eligible families who are spending more than 35% of their income in rent are assisted with up to $300 in monthly housing supports to live within the Community. Funded by the private donors through an annual fundraising campaign, the program is currently assisting 125 households.

What is the Dedicated Holocaust Surivor Rental Assistance Program?

Kehilla’s Rental Assistance Program has quickly become the “little idea that grew” thanks to the support of our community’s incredibly generous real estate community. In 2016 we provided rental assistance to 85 households and 2017 promises to impact even more families and individuals as people hear of the program and want to help.

We are delighted to announce important funding from the Azrieli Foundation who has committed $145,000 in 2017, specifically to provide assistance to 35 aging Holocaust survivors in our community who live in poverty. This vital funding is designed to triple over 3 years until 100 survivors are assisted in 2019, allowing them to live in dignity, without the fear or stress of having to decide between paying their rent or eating.

Thanks to the generosity of all of our donors the Rental Assistance Program is making a difference in the lives of some of our community’s most vulnerable members.

Do I qualify for the Rental Assistance Program?

You may qualify for Kehilla’s Rental Assistance Program if you are paying more than 35% of your income on rent and if you fit the following criteria:

  • You are Jewish.

  • You live in the Jewish Community in the Greater Toronto Area.

  • If you live in a 1-bedroom apartment, pay up to a maximum of $1,331.00 in rent and your yearly combined household income $49,800.00 or less.

  • If you live in a 2-bedroom apartment, pay up to a maximum of $1,551.00 in rent and your yearly combined household income is $58,000.00 or less.

  • If you live in a 3-bedroom apartment, pay up to a maximum of $1,782.00 in rent and your yearly combined household income is $70,000.00 or less.

  • You are not over-housed.

We can only truly assess your eligibility if you apply to the program.

Do I qualify for the Dedicated Holocaust Survivor Rental Assistance Program?

If you are a Survivor of the Holocaust and pay more than 35% of your income on rent, you may qualify. Please call us to find out more at 647-484-4446.

How do I apply for Kehilla’s Rental Assistance Programs?

You can complete the form below and a Kehilla Residential Programme staff will contact you to walk you through the process. You may also call us at 647-484-4446. Please note that it may take 2 business days for a staff to contact you, so please be patient. Someone will call you back.

How long is the waiting list for Kehilla’s Rental Assistance Program?

Once your application has been approved for the waiting list, you will be contacted when a space becomes available.

How do I donate to Kehilla’s Rental Assistance Program?
Please call 647-484-4446 or email us at

You can also make a donation by clicking the Donate Now button below.


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